What is We4Share?

We4Share is Sharing = have in common with others.

Sharing a way of living, sharing a way of working, sharing a way of making vacation, sharing a way of eating,

sharing knowledge, sharing a way of having fun and making interpersonal reports.

We4Share is a young association which aims to promove, to create and to spread innovative relational models in the cultural, social, architectural and tourism spheres.

We4Share comes to life both in Marche, in Castelfidardo, and in Puglia, In Monopoli, in order to perform social activities in favour of associates or third parties, without profits.

It born from the desire of three guys who think that the human being to have no regression needs to make a set, only in this way he enriches, grows up and creates progress

DIALOGUE and COMPARISON are the basis of the act of the association, the idea is to encourage the creation of intergenerational communities based on a social model made of cohabitation, culture, active hospitality based on mutual aid.

Co-Housing, Co-Working and Co-Holiday are only some of the formulas which the association aspires to develop and to do it makes use of sectoral and specialist skills also thanks to the members who will take part.

The association is open to all those who feel able to support or have appetite to embrace certain themes,

to those who want to get involved but especially to those who are accustomed to do teamwork.